Precast Concrete Panels in Melbourne

At Associated Rigging, we don’t just provide crane hire in Melbourne, we also provide full concrete panel erection and installation services. We are the experts in precast concrete panels in Melbourne.

Specialist Panel Erection and Installation Services

Precast concrete panels are strong, durable, and versatile and a common construction solution on all kinds of projects. Designed for quick and easy installation, the erection of precast concrete panels still requires specialised transport and lifting equipment and experienced contractors. And at Associated Rigging we supply both.

Our qualified rigging crews know that every job is different. Our extensive experience transporting and erecting precast and tilt-up concrete across a wide range of commercial and industrial projects means that there’s not much we haven’t seen.

We understand concrete panel design and construction requirements and the significant stresses that panels come under during the transport and erection process. We also know that safety is the name of the game. That is why all our lifting, bracing, and fixing is carried out by properly qualified and experienced concrete panel erection experts using only the highest quality equipment and materials.

Our teams are trained to draw up appropriate lift plans, assess the ground slope and conditions, select the correct cranes and lifting gear, and ensure the correct slinging of panels. They can also design the most efficient and cost-effective transport and erection schedule to suit your project.

For each precast concrete panel erection project, we provide a team of fully licensed and ticketed contractors including crane operators, riggers and dogmen, welders, labourers and specialist precast erectors.

Regardless of size or complexity, our team at Associated Rigging will take on and deliver any panel erection project. When it comes to the erection of precast concrete panels in Melbourne, we are the trusted experts.

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precast concrete panels Melbourne
precast concrete panels Melbourne