Important Information about Grove GMK 30 55 Boom Truck

Grove all-terrain cranes are manufactured in facilities in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, and Niella, Italy. Equipment quality complies with ISO9001 standards and provides superior lifting, off-road mobility, speed, and reliability.

General Information

The compact Grove GMK 30 55 three-axle carrier model has a total gross weight of 3,600 kg. and maximum 55 ton capacity. It runs on an automatic 349 HP engine. The crane has a six-section boom operated from the acoustically-lined operator cab armrest controls.

Specifications – Boom Truck Crane

The Grove GMK 30 55 boom truck has a box-type chassis with a steel, torsion-resistant frame. The two-man, forward-tilt, aluminium cab features safety glass, driver / passenger seats (with pneumatic suspension), instrumentation, controls, (engine dependent) hot water heater.

  • It has a 24V electric system and three-phase alternator, 28V/100A 2 batteries, and 12V/170 Ah.
  • The anti-two-block system and load moment provide a control lever lock out and audio-visual warning with electronic readouts:
    • boom length, angle, and radius,
    • tip height,
    • load moment,
    • max. allowable load, and
    • two-block condition warning.
  • Outriggers may be put in full (6,2 m.), partial (4,4 m.), or retracted (2,3 m.) position.
  • The programmable ECOS (Electronic Crane Operating System) controls all principle crane operations.
  • EKS5 Light Monitoring operates as a load moment indicator or control and command system which continually monitors the crane’s lifting condition of the crane.
  • The full boom is a six-section, 9,7 m. – 43 m. with a max. tip height of 45,8 m. and TWIN-LOCK™ automatic boom pinning system. The removable / auxiliary boom nose has a removable pin-type rope guard.
  • An axial piston motor powers main and auxiliary hoists. Movement is indicated by the “thumb-thumper” (hoist drum rotation indicator).
    • Main / Auxiliary Line Length: 170 m.
    • Main / Auxiliary Rope Dia.: 16 mm.
    • Main / Auxiliary Line Speed: 120 m/min.
    • Main / Auxiliary Line Pull: 50 kN.
  • Standard and hydraulically off-settable lattice extensions have 8,7 m. –15 m. bi-fold lattice swingaways, hydraulic luffing, or manual offset. The max. tip height of each type is 60,7 m.
  • Crane swing is powered by an axial piston, fixed displacement, motor / planetary gear box, variable to 2.5 rpm. It has a holding / service brake.
  • The 11, 600 kg. counterweight is controlled from the cab and has a hydraulic-removal system.
  • The hydraulic system operates on two individual circuits: one axial piston, load-sensing, variable displacement electronically powered, limiting control, pump, and a gear pump (for swing). Oil coolers have dual thermostat controls. Tank capacity is 600 L.

Specifications – Boom Truck Engine / Mobility

The Grove GMK 30 55 boom truck is powered by a 6x4x6 Mercedes Benz OM501LA, six-cylinder, diesel, turbo-charged engine (260 kW @ 1800 rpm). Max. engine torque is 1,730 Nm @ 1080 rpm. Engine emissions meet EUROMOT/EPA/CARB (off road) standards. The equipment also has:

  • a ZF, AS Tronic 12-speed (2 reverse) transmission,
  • pneumatic dual circuit and compression brakes, and
  • a fuel tank capacity of 300 L.
  • Drive axels have center-mounted gearing and planetary hub-reduction. Also, inter-axle and cross-axle differential locks.
  • Grove’s exclusive MEGATRAK™ independent, hydropneumatic suspension is considered the “best” versatile, offroad, all-wheel driveline available on the market. The suspension may be raised (170 mm.) or lowered (130 mm.) longitudinally or transversely. It includes an automatic leveling system (highway travel).
  • Six 16.00R25 tires afford a max. speed of 85 km/h and 72% gradeability.

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