Crane Hire, Steel Erection and Steel Fabrication Services in Victoria

Crane hire, steel erection and steel fabrication services in Victoria is never a straightforward enterprise. Unlike hiring a professional company for interior restoration or construction, crane operations and steel erection is much more complex. These types of services can involve high risks especially if the machinery is handled inappropriately and therefore do grave damage or induce liability. After all, you are dealing with heavy equipment that requires professional handling and safety precautions.

Knowing what to look for in a company can eliminate the frustration in finding the right professional for the job. There are various things to take into consideration before hiring a steel erection and steel fabrication service in Victoria.


One of the most important features of a highly professional company is their reputation. Sure, it is easy for a business to state they have esteemed references. But the clients that are the true source of a good reputation. A company with outstanding references will have satisfied clients listed on their website. In addition, past clients are more than happy to talk to you about the company and their quality service.

For example, Associated Rigging has numerous clients in the Victoria area. Not only are the various clients mentioned but they have jobsite pictures posted. Some of their clients include Costco Docklands, Hi Fert, NorthGate Factories, Rip Curl, Skilled Stadium and many others.


With crane hire and steel erections and fabrication services you never want to employ a novice. Having the right experience for the job is imperative. And when it comes to experience, there are two vital factors:

A Variety of Job Types – For the most part, all jobs are different. A company that has a wide stream of clients has the expertise of working with diverse situations and will have invaluable troubleshooting skills. Their projects will include a diverse set of work both small and large. Their staff will also include many types of professionals from licensed equipment operators to qualified riggers.

At Associated Rigging, we have over 30 years’ experience specializing in the erection of structural steel and pre-cast concrete panels. Our staff consists of a variety of experienced equipment operators, dogmen, riggers, boilermakers and sitters. In truth, we only hire the best.

Works with Other Companies – A company that is highly experienced will often work with other companies such as builders, landscapers, demolition contractors and plumbers. Working with other businesses ensures that there is communication to finish the overall job correctly. Generally, when a business works alone they are limited to specific projects. Also, correlating with a diversity of companies can be time consuming and expensive. Having a steel erections and fabrication service communicate with other businesses will save costs and possible blunders.

An Extensive Range of Equipment

You can tell that a company is an expert in the field when they have an extensive range of equipment. Different types of equipment allow diversity and accuracy of a job. And at Associated Rigging, we have a large and all-inclusive fleet that extends from 3T to 120T lifting capabilities. Ideal for high quality crane hire, steel erection and steel fabrication services in Victoria. We also service the Geelong and Melbourne area.

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