Crane Hire Checklist: Most Important Things to Look for in a Crane Hire Company

Dealing with a crane hire company isn’t like talking to a car rental firm. You’re not sitting down to hire a comfortable interior, a booming stereo and good mileage. Instead, you’re about to conduct a business arrangement that will ideally result in the temporary proprietorship of heavy construction machinery. Use a checklist to evaluate and define the most important assets of your hired working vehicle.

As soon as you hire a crane, you’re in possession of a machine that caries inherent dangers, risks that can end in disaster if the lifting equipment is mishandled. Remember that, but also remember that the task begins before ever taking a look at a single crane. It begins and ends with research.

Conduct a Credential Check

That glossy brochure shown to you by the hiring company is impressive. It’s full of in-focus photographs and grammatically correct descriptions of superior services, but is the documentation legitimate? Ask for a portfolio of past work. Research the hiring company online and evaluate the local reputation of the firm.

Certifications to Reinforce Reputation

Place the reputation of the hire company alongside the recognized status of the workforce as defined by authoritative award bodies. Ascertain those awards are the real deal, and use both of these factors, credentials and reputation, to ensure you’re receiving the services of a professional hoist rental establishment. Every other action from this point forward hinges on checking off these initial points, for no other aspect of the hiring process can be determined for veracity unless you know the hiring company conducts its business professionally.

Taking Care of the Paperwork

There may be reams of paper and red tape to be buried under when dealing with safety and the lawful contracting of heavy equipment. A reputable business will escort you through the process, highlighting certain passages in the documentation. This includes safety guidelines, the signing of insurance documentation, and the overall supervision of the rental policy. A conscientious crane hire company only wants to ease the hiring process, though emphasis will be placed on safe operation of the equipment.

Does the Hiring Company Utilize a Maintenance Program?

Cranes tower above buildings and lift high-tonnage loads, meaning they have to be kept in good working order at all times. Using our car rental metaphor, this would begin with engine, body, and drive system maintenance, but crane inspections go much further. There are checks that ensure the crane is capable of carrying its stated load. Certain inspections are mandatory. They ensure the crane is in compliance with industry regulations. Other inspections are governed by the staff, set in place to keep the fleet clean and ready for work.

Contact the crane hire company that’s built on pride and reputation, for these values will be reflected in the condition of a varied lifting fleet. Pair local reputation and certifications with research and discrete observation of the hiring firm’s industry knowledge. Consider all of these factors before ever asking about load capacities or the rigged lifting spans of the cranes.

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