Capabilities of Demag AC120 Crane Truck

The Demag AC120 crane truck offers outstanding all-terrain performance. An optimized 120 tonne lift aptitude provides a benchmark in heavy load hoisting, but such beefy cargo conveyance requires something a little special in the chassis department. The 12 Metre carrier length partners with a 3 Metre chassis width and a further 7.5 Metre additional width in the form of powered outriggers. These stability supports telescope horizontally to anchor the vehicle in place, no matter how tilted or soft the soil on the work site may be. Once anchored, the 12.9 Metre seated boom can rapidly telescope to an impressive 60 Metres.

As one of the mainstays in the industrial and commercial sector, the Demag AC120 crane truck uses its 5 axles to trundle efficiently from one construction site to the next. The elongated boom and the compact profile situate this model at the midpoint of a large range of muscled lifters, meaning this model is at home on a large construction site as it is below a newly constructed apartment complex. We could imagine the boom lengthening in intermediate stages to its full span to convey massive air conditioning units to the top of a multi-storied apartment block, pausing only to finitely adjust the boom extension and the rigging. Additionally, the driver can quickly navigate the many obstacles and narrow avenues on a building site, using the 5-axle configuration to pull the rear end closer to the loading zone. The fully configurable independent steering mechanism attached to the fifth axle maximizes this flexible turning aptitude, adding to the already tight 11.9 Metre turning radius of the mobile crane. In short, in a world where wind turbines climb to the sky and massive environmental control units sit on top of tall structures, this easily rigged crane truck is an ideal match.

It takes a steady hand and a pinch of physics to enable this kind of heavy lifting power. A 28 tonne counterweight works in concert with the five stage boom. The boom itself is manufactured from fine grain structural steel, and all of these disparate elements are controlled by the nerve centre, a spacious control cabin that contains a bay of instrumentation and advanced monitoring stations. And, if this cabin is the metaphorical brains, then the Daimler Chrysler 6-cylinder engine is the heart. If these compelling specifications aren’t enough to raise the Demag AC120 crane truck to the peak of the international crane truck pile, independent hydraulic dynamism is on hand in the shape of a powerful displacement axial piston pump, a component that easily manages 4 simultaneous working actions.

This 5-axle beast from Demag is a flagship lifter, but there’s more to recommend before we conclude this examination. We’ll finish with two optional extras, the addition of supplemental counterweights and tyre modifications, options that extend the prestige of an already popular industrial-class vehicle.

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